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You thought decorating your classroom was fun? QuizBean comes with oodles of amazing features to keep your students engaged and eager to learn.

Some Features of QuizBean

  • Unlimited Questions

    Add 3 questions or 30. Make your quiz as short or as long as you want.

  • Attach Pictures

    Show different species of lizards or cell formations — drag `n drop pictures for any question.

  • Add Explanations

    Reinforce what students should know by adding explanations to each question.

  • Multiple Choice

    Add unlimited choices to your questions — that means multiple choice and true/false.

  • Randomizer

    Forget about cheating — randomize your quiz questions and eliminate it all together.

  • Instantscore

    Let your students know how they are doing as they are taking the quiz.

  • Report Card

    Allow students to see a report of the questions they got right and wrong.

  • Embed Videos

    Have students watch a clip without having to leave the quiz.

  • Quiz Bank

    Short on ideas for a new quiz? Use the Quiz Bank to add a quiz shared by another user.

All plans come fully-loaded with these classroom assessment tools:

  • Quickly add all of your classes

    Say goodbye to manual data entry. From biology to business, add all of your classes. And don’t worry if students are in more than one of your classes. Add students to multiple classes in seconds.

  • Quickly send quizzes to your students

    Just like an email newsletter, send quizzes to your classes with expiration dates, timers, and more. See how many times each quiz was taken and how your class performed as a whole and view individual student’s scores.

  • Eliminate cheating with unique student accounts

    No need to worry about cheating or security with your students. Each student is assigned a unique account associated with their class. Plus, you have the option to randomize quiz questions to make your quiz cheat-proof.

  • Track student progress with real-time analytics

    Want to see if Jack’s average has picked up over the course of the year? Or maybe, you want to know if Melissa has mastered molecular biology. Assess your class as a whole, identify students who need help, and track which students haven’t taken your quizzes. It’s basically a candyland of analytics & reports.

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